A Note from Your Trainer

“He has been abandoned, ignored, and physically abused by those who were supposed to protect, nurture, and love him.”

This is a line from a therapist’s report about the kid I currently advocate for as a CASA.

It’s not often that I get emotional reading reports after seven years in human services. It’s not a lack of compassion, just the extent of exposure I’ve had to teens raised with awful childhoods. This line though, “abandoned, ignored, physically abused…” stopped me. Those who were supposed to “protect, nurture, and love him” weren’t there when he needed them.

He is not alone in this regard. Over 1,600 children spent a night in foster care last year in Lane County. I’m thankful each day that I can “be there” for him. You can “be there” for a child too! If you want to know more about being a CASA volunteer, I’d love to talk to you. If that’s not the best fit, there are so many other ways to help support children, foster families, and DHS. You can be the difference that these children need. Let’s talk!

— Kody Nguyen, Training Coordinator and CASA Advocate


To speak to Kody or Robben, our Volunteer Coordinator, please give us a call at 541.984.3132.