Alma’s Volunteer Corner: A Busy Week

Oct22This week is my “CASA heavy” week with emails to caseworkers, therapists, foster parents and my CASA team. And, I have a court report due. Because I also get to visit with my CASA kid, it’s one of my favorite weeks.

I spent the weekend writing a court report. It’s not hard to write because we have templates from CASA and my Peer Coordinator and Supervisor review and edit it before we send it to the judge. While it’s not difficult, it is stressful because I know how important this document is. The judge, the parents, the caseworker, the lawyers…everyone reads this. And it directly affects my CASA kid. That’s a lot of pressure, but I know my recommendations are what’s in her best interest based on feedback from her counselor, therapist and others who are involved in her case.

I spent the earlier part of this week organizing files and sending emails to confirm a few changes that are happening in the case. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the treatment team. We will review her plan and discuss the progress she is making.

I am excited to visit with my CASA kid this week. It will be good to catch up and see how she’s doing. It’s nice to let her share how school is going and what things are on her mind. Last time we visited, we got to spend some time swinging in the park. I haven’t done that in YEARS. She thought it was so funny to see me attempt to jump into the swing. Honestly, when did kids get so tall? We had a blast. I hope this week is just as fun.

Next week we will go to court, and from there we’ll determine the next steps in her case.