Alma’s Volunteer Corner: A Quiet Week

Oct29Last week was spent working on my court report, exchanging emails, meetings with foster parents, and visiting with my CASA kid. It was a busy, and insightful, week.

My visit with my CASA kid was great. We didn’t swing in the park, but she just talked about school and her friends and what she is good at. It was nice to just listen to her talk about her dreams and aspirations. And that’s really what my job is. Just to listen and help advocate for the pieces of those dreams that I can advocate for.

This week is a little quiet. I’m spending my time keeping an eye on my email but right now. There isn’t much to report with my case so I haven’t been very busy. And that’s usually how it works with CASA. If you create a time management plan, you will be able to navigate all of the necessary requirements for being a CASA while balancing your work and family time.

There will be those weeks where you’ll be immersed in your case but those will also be the weeks where you are doing your best work as a volunteer. And most of the big time commitments are planned pretty far in advance. On occasion, you may have a last minute change but it’s pretty rare.

Time management is what it’s all about.