Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Answers to All Your Pressing Questions

Dec11Our next CASA training class starts in January. I’ve met with a couple of people who have had questions about the CASA time commitment. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the questions with all of you. And while each and every case is unique, some of the basic elements of how much time you’ll spend on your case is pretty consistent.

How many hours a month do you spend on your case?

CASA volunteers are required to spend approximately 10 – 15 hours a month on their cases. This includes the time you spend reading/replying to emails, driving, visiting with your kid, talking to your caseworker…etc. It really adds up.

On my case, I have weeks where I only spend a couple of hours reading emails and other weeks where I have to write a court report and set up meetings. Every case varies but for the most part, I spend about 13 hours a month on my case.

What’s a typical week like for you?

When you first get your case, you will spend quite a bit of time getting to know your kids and the case. You will be required to read the case history, court and police reports, medical records, counseling reports, etc. This is typically when you will be most busy. Additionally, when you have to write a court report, you might spend a couple extra hours working on that with your Peer Coordinator and Supervisor.

How long do cases last?

Volunteers are asked to commit at least two years to CASA. This is because most cases last, on average, two years. And one of the big things we DON’T want is more inconsistency for kids in the system. Part of our goal is to be that consistent voice for the kids.

What if I have a schedule conflict with court or an appointment?

Your supervisor and Peer Coordinators are here to support you if you have a scheduling conflict or have to go on vacation. In my experience, I haven’t had an incident where I was unable to coordinate my schedule with my team.

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