Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Email Flurries and Liquid Sunshine

Nov6This week has been spent reading lots of emails and documenting activity. All things that I’ve been able to do from my desk. Which is nice because it’s quite wet outside.

I cannot go into the details, but there has been a lot of activity happening on my CASA kid’s case. For the record, these are activities that are in her best interest and we’ve done our best to help her be part of the process. That way she is engaged and can feel empowered to be successful. I am spending a large amount of my time reading emails, taking notes, asking questions and documenting next steps with my CASA team.

Keeping things in order is key. One of the best tips for me to keep track of the email and phone communications is creating a timeline (or chronology) in Excel or GoogleDocs or on a number of trusty, well-organized yellowpads. I especially find it tricky with email threads. Once in a while, I’ll get cc’d on something mid-stream, with original conversations starting at an earlier time.

As a volunteer, I feel like I have lucked out. All of the service providers work as a team and they involve me in the process. We have monthly meetings where we discuss how things are going in the case and what the next steps need to be to ensure my CASA kid is successful.

In the next few weeks, it will be a little different. There will be more people involved in my CASA kid’s case. More people to meet and talk to. I will probably be out of the office a little more to meet people face to face, but after that, we can go back to using email and the phone to keep in touch on my kid’s progress. Of course, we’ll still have face-to-face meetings, but it’s nice when you have the convenience of email when you work full time.