Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Everything But the Carrier Pigeons

Dec4For those of you who are regular readers of our CASA blog, you’ll notice that my post last week was a repeat. I was on vacation with family and out of the state but my case was covered.

Thanks to the CASA volunteer support structure, both myself and my Peer Coordinator were able to take last week off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our supervisor, Vicki, made sure that she was up to speed on my CASA case and was prepared to step in for a meeting or two while I was gone. Thankfully, she didn’t have to.

When you are a CASA, you are never working on your case alone. You have an entire team to support your work. We use a private online system to document all of our case activity, which can then be accessed by our Peer Coordinator and our Supervisor. This allows them to keep updated on our cases in the event that they need to step in and help. It’s also the system that houses our monthly reports, case documents, contacts, contact logs, etc. It’s a great system that keeps us all on the same page. And of course we email, call, text and meet face-to-face when need be. The only communication tool we haven’t used is carrier pigeons.

The CASA team works hard to accommodate schedules of volunteers who have successfully made it through training. Their goal is to make sure that you as a volunteer can have flexibility while being able to give your kid’s case the attention it needs.