Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Finding Balance

May21Sometimes it seems like everyone you want to meet with is available at the same time, in my case, everyone was available this week. I was a little worried that everyone would want to meet at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning but I lucked out. Even though I’ll be racing from one meeting to another almost every day this week, there are no scheduling conflicts, and for that, I am grateful. I’m looking forward to meeting with one of my CASA kids’ counselors, their parents and a number of other people who are heavily involved in this case. As busy and this week will be, I’m extremely excited.

I’m also looking forward to a meeting with my Peer Coordinator, Helen this week. The first half of this month was filled with non-CASA related appointments that caused me to miss our May team meeting – and that totally threw me off. There is something about meeting with my CASA team that helps create balance through support. It’s also a very important part of self-care.

Every CASA team is different. For me, meeting with our team allows me to discuss challenges that come up in navigating the process, share time management advice, and to laugh. Our team members are all very compatible. We are able to laugh and share as CASAs but also as friends.

I am grateful for Helen’s commitment to our organization and her flexibility in working around my schedule.

So, this week is filled with writing lists of questions for respective participants in the life of my CASA kids and preparing a court report for my latest case.