Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Meet Helen Lucas, Positivity Cheerleader

TeamHelenTechnically, “PC” means Peer Coordinator, but when it comes to Helen Lucas, this volunteer position is embraced with the enthusiasm of a fan-filled World Cup stadium so “cheerleader” is a much better fit. I feel very fortunate to be on her team. Her guidance and support is key in my ability to be a successful CASA volunteer. 

Peer Coordinators are seasoned CASA volunteers who are trained to support and guide other CASA volunteers. Each one of CASA of Lane County’s 20 Peer Coordinators supports a group of 3-5 CASA volunteers, allowing CASA to serve even more children.

After being a CASA volunteer for many years in 3 different counties in Oregon, Helen was approached and asked to be a Peer Coordinator. Even though she knew she had a great impact by working directly with children, it didn’t take her long to realize that she could multiply that impact by providing support and guidance to a handful of new CASAs, thereby serving even more children.

Though Helen views herself as a “middle manager”, her approach is very team oriented. She meets with us once a month team to help our team create a sense of camaraderie. The team approach allows Helen the opportunity for better communication and a way to disseminate new and critical information.

Helen empowers us to do our best to serve the kids, and she makes sure we know that she is always available to answer questions and address concerns. She helps us with court reports, stands in for us in court if we have a scheduling conflict, and even accompanies us on LONG rides when we have to travel out of Lane County for meetings. Plus, she is just a good friend. Because of Helen’s leadership, we consider ourselves to be part of Team Helen and know we can call on each other for support.

Helen is proud to play a key role in a position that is giving CASA of Lane County the opportunity to provide a voice for so many more children in our foster care system. Go Team Helen!