Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Meetings, Bees & Lessons Learned

Sept17I just wanted to send a quick thank you to those who donated clothes and time to the Closet-to-Closet event yesterday!

Last week, I tried to be creative with my scheduling and ended up having more trouble than I anticipated. My CASA kid had a team meeting scheduled at a time that conflicted with a work meeting out-of-state.

At first, I was going to opt-out of participating in the meeting and instead schedule individual discussions with each member of the team at a later date. But I was ambitious. I decided to call into the meeting, over the phone, from my meeting out of state.

This was a mistake.

The only place I could find privacy to make the call from my cell phone was on a table outside on the windy end of the building. I had a difficult time hearing the team because the wind was blowing hard, angry bees were trying to shoo me from their space, and even though it was private, it wasn’t as quiet as I had hoped because of traffic. The good thing was that I got to tell my CASA kid “hi” when she came into the meeting so even though I wasn’t able to be present, she knew I was still engaged and there for her.

Lessons learned: it would have been ok for me to miss this meeting and schedule appointments with the individuals outside of the team. I could have given my CASA kid a call before the meeting to remind her that while I wasn’t going to be in the meeting, I was still very much engaged.

Now I’m working to contact the individuals from the team meeting to clarify my choppy notes.