Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Overcoming your Internal Critic

June18This week was pretty quiet. Well, it was quiet for my CASA case because I’ve been extremely busy with work and with personal commitments which always makes me feel a little guilty. It’s that internal critic that many of us have that sits on your shoulder and whispers, “Are you really going to read? You should be doing laundry or spending time researching how mental disorders affect children so you will be a better advocate for your CASA kid.”

As a volunteer, it is important to find time to work on your case but also important to remember that self care is important and your daily activities need your attention, too. There is an expectation of how many hours you will spend on your case – about 10 to 15 hours each month – and you are trusted to use your best judgment when allocating your time.

I plan to send out emails at the end of this week to follow-up and schedule meetings with new contacts. I have a team meeting this evening and a court report due at the end of the week so the reality is, I will more than make-up for the few days of “down time” on my CASA case.

We all have internal critics and I think the amplification of their voice correlates to the expectations we place on ourselves. It’s important to remember to be just as flexible with yourself as you are to the people you’re working with to advocate for your child. It’s also good to have a response to that critical voice. Personally, I like to respond using inspiring quotes. Today I’m channeling Dr. Seuss:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Simple, to the point, and fun.