Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Quarterly Hours, Case Updates & Visits

July9This week is filled with CASA tasks. My quarterly hours and two case updates were both due on the same day, and I have an out of town visit with my CASA kid.

Documenting my hours took more time than usual this quarter. I am in the process of transitioning from an Excel sheet to keep track of my volunteer activities to using a new program through CASA that helps streamline our processes.

It’s an exciting transition that will make things more efficient but I’m still trying to get the hang of the new system. Also, I didn’t accurately document all of my hours into my Excel sheet so I had to do some digging around in my email and calendar. I ended up getting it all done and have made the final transition into using the new system.

I’m look forward to visiting with my CASA kid. It’s been a little difficult getting time to chat during our visits. Our meetings are usually with her entire treatment team where we have quite a bit of activity to get through with very little one-on-one discussion opportunities. I hope we will be able to spend more time together to establish trust and build a relationship. But I know that like the transition from Excel to the new CASA program, I just have to stick with it.  Show her I will be there when she needs me, attend all of her meetings, and listen to her.