Alma’s Volunteer Corner: The Adjustment Period

Nov13As I mentioned last week, there has been a lot of activity on my CASA kid’s case over the last few weeks. She is now in a new foster home. She is working on adjusting into a new routine in a new environment with new people, and even though she was involved with the process, change is tough. But I know she is strong and once she gets comfortable, we will establish a new routine.

I received an update on how my CASA kid spent her first weekend in her new foster home. Beyond that, I’m waiting. I spent this week waiting to get responses from numerous emails.

I have decided to give my CASA kid more space. I have communicated that I will visit her in her new placement soon, but want to give her some time to adjust. That way, it gives her a chance to get established, and when I visit she will feel more ownership of her space and empowered to show me around. The decision to give her a little space while she settles in is based on our relationship and my understanding of her comfort level when it comes to dealing with change. I also have a deeper understanding of her needs because of the time I’ve spent gathering information from her therapists and caseworker.

Next week will be busier. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet with my CASA kid in her new placement. We’ll have a team meeting, and I’ll start gathering more information for my end-of-the-month CASA update to my Peer Coordinator and Supervisor.