Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Waiting

April9Just like any other job, some weeks you’re just waiting to get the ball back in your court. For me, that was this week in my CASA role:

  • I sent an email to my CASA kids’ foster parents checking-in on scheduling a home visit – waiting for a response.

  • I documented the hours I’ve spent volunteering in our quarterly hours report survey.
  • I sent an email to my Peer Coordinator to confirm a meeting date. She responded right away.
  • I registered for the CASA / RE/MAX Integrity Champions for Children Run/Walk on May 10th. Technically, I registered to be a virtual runner – I won’t attend, but still gave $20 to represent one of the 702 children in need of a CASA volunteer.
  • I emailed the caseworker to clarify an email she sent to me regarding a new caseworker who will take over my case since it’s moving into adoption. She got back to me right away, but there wasn’t much to share because the new caseworker isn’t starting yet.

Sometimes there isn’t a lot to report. Because I spend quite a bit of time clarifying details and confirming information, I send a lot of emails. Most of the time, it’s a waiting game, but it’s a good balance for the days that I’m reading discovery or writing court reports.

It was a quiet week. And that’s a good thing.