Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Week of CASA

BreakfastSome weeks, you’ll have a packed schedule. Other weeks, you may have just one email to read. This week, my schedule is a little CASA heavy. My CASA kid and I chatted over the weekend, my Peer Coordinator joined me for an in-person visit yesterday, I attended the Heroes for Children Breakfast benefit for CASA yesterday morning, and today I head out to a team meeting and another visit with my CASA kid. Busy, but so worth it! And yes, somewhere in there, I’ll find time to make my work hours and walk my dogs. 

The CASA team pulled off an amazing event yesterday morning. We were able to get over 270 busy people together before 7:30 a.m. to talk about the CASA mission and to help raise funds and recruit volunteers.

It was inspiring to see so many community members come out to support this organization. People opened their hearts and their wallets. They considered their schedules and requested information about being CASA volunteers. Most importantly, they came out and showed their support by getting to know more about what CASA does and why it matters to our community and to our children.

Since this is a super busy week, I’ll have to keep this post short but I want to thank the following people for joining me at my Breakfast table yesterday:

Brandy Rodtsbrooks

Leah Rosin

Emily Ressegger

Daniella Sylvia

Joanna Bartlett

Whitney Demers

Talya Horowitz

Sarah Wilson

Of course, these are some of the busiest gals I know so I was unable to get a photo of them. But I did get one of the Executive Director, Megan Shultz, and my Cappelli Miles team who also attended the event (at the top of this post).

I also want to give a big thank you to Mackie Swan and Matt Tomashek. They were invited to the Heroes for Children Breakfast last year and they not only became CASA volunteers, they were table captains at this year’s Breakfast.