Arianna, 6 months old

6montholdArianna, only six months old, is in foster care waiting for a CASA volunteer. She was only 4-1/2 pounds when she was born full term. Arianna’s esophagus was not attached, and at 3 days old she had to have surgery. Feeding continues to be a challenge for her. Part of her spine is missing, causing scoliosis, and doctors are concerned about her future ability to walk.

Arianna’s parents are living with other adults in an unsafe and unstable environment, unable to provide her with the care she needs. Both parents continue to use drugs, and Arianna’s father has a criminal history. Arianna needs a CASA volunteer to ensure she is placed into a safe, stable, loving home where she has the best chance to develop and thrive.

NOTE: Arianna’s story is real, but her name and picture have been changed to protect her identity.