Connecting with Amanda

pianoThe following piece is a recent reflection from a CASA volunteer.

How do I as a CASA “connect” with a troubled teen ?

A year ago, I began advocating for a 15 year old teen girl. I’ll call her Amanda. The trauma this young woman went through was, as her lawyer said, “the worst situation he had seen in his 20 plus years working these kinds of cases.” Many aspects of Amanda’s past were so horrific that even a Hollywood producer would reject the story as unbelievable.

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Sara, Allison & Kaitlyn

Three sisters, Sara (14 years old), Allison and Kaitlyn (4-year-old twins) have been removed from their mother’s home and brought into foster care. The girls’ safety was in danger due to their mother’s criminal activity, drug use and neglect.

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Christina’s Story

Christina is a funny, energetic, confident and smart 5-year-old. After living since birth in the same foster home, she has joyously been adopted by her foster parents.

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Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Danny & Sam

July2In earlier blog posts, I mentioned that I have two CASA cases. We went to court this week for the case that deals with two brothers. We’ll call them Danny and Sam.

This hearing was for Danny. He is going to be adopted by his current foster family. His brother, Sam, is developmentally delayed and is going to be in permanent foster care with the same foster family to ensure that the siblings remain together and that Sam can continue to get services he needs.

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Owen’s Story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOwen was removed from his mother at birth and taken into foster care. His father was absent, and his mother struggled with drug abuse. She was not able to follow through with treatment services.

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Alma’s Volunteer Corner: Advocate Support

June25When people find out you are a CASA volunteer, they often express their gratitude for your advocacy or they reflect on how “strong” or you are because they couldn’t handle dealing with the unfortunate situations and issues that face your CASA kids. I used to be like that.

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