Caden’s Story

Caden, a 3-year-old Autistic child, came into foster care because his parents were addicted to drugs and not keeping him safe. Caden’s father began services and wanted to get his child back. The DHS case worker was not in favor of a return home to dad at any point in the case.

Caden’s CASA volunteer Mark became very involved, making sure he stayed in contact with the dad and service providers. Mark observed most supervised visits between Caden and his father. In the process, Marksaw the strong bond that existed between Caden and his father. Caden had never been able to make eye contact with anyone, but Mark noted that Caden made eye contact and smiled every time he saw his father.

Mark determined this father was sincere in his quest to get his son returned to him. In court, the Judge listened to the father’s attorney and Mark’s recommendations that the child be returned to his dad, even though the case worker was not in favor. The Judge ruled that Caden should be returned to his father. Now Caden and his father are doing great together.

NOTE: Caden’s story is real, but his name and picture have been changed to protect his identity.