Caleb, 6 months old

file0001085844019_cropCaleb was six months old when he was placed into foster care with a caring relative. Both of Caleb’s parents abused Methamphetamines, and Caleb was born drug-affected. He had a hard time sleeping because his muscles were tightly wound from the drugs, and once in foster care he began physical therapy.

Andrea was appointed to be Caleb’s CASA volunteer. She visited him regularly and monitored everything going on in his life, talking to counselors and researching the effects of Meth on infants. Child Welfare wanted to close Caleb’s case early on, but Andrea was adamant that his parents needed more time to become stable. The court agreed with Andrea. This extra time was critical in helping the mother and father to build their circles of support and mature as parents.

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James and Sadie

SmoochesJames (3 months old) and Sadie (2-1/2 years old) were born to developmentally disabled parents. When their father broke Sadie’s leg, the children were removed from the home and placed into foster care.

The Judge requested a CASA volunteer for James and Sadie, and Mary was assigned to their case. As she got to know the children, she found they were incredibly friendly and outgoing and loved spending time outside.

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Stephanie’s Story

StephanieStephanie was 6 years old when her mother dropped her off with her father – and never returned. Shortly afterwards, the mother was arrested following a multi-state crime spree and was sent to prison. Stephanie lived with her dad for a few years, surrounded by drug use and dealing, before she was removed from the unsafe environment and placed into foster care.

Jessica was appointed to be Stephanie’s CASA volunteer. She developed a strong relationship with Stephanie through regular visits to her foster home, where Stephanie was fortunate to have wonderful foster parents. Jessica could see that Stephanie was smart and intuitive, with a good sense of herself and a level head.

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Travis & Tyler

IM000012.JPGTravis (7 years old) and Tyler (8 years old) are brothers who are full of adventure, sweet and kind by nature. They were neglected most of their toddler years, failing to receive the love and attention they needed to thrive. Both parents abused drugs and alcohol, and their father also sold narcotics.

Travis and Tyler’s parents were separated, and – up until three years ago – had equal custody of their sons. At that time, the boys were visiting their father when the police arrested him for dealing drugs. The boys were taken into custody. Their mother was deemed also to be an unsafe placement, and the boys were put into foster care.

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Joshua & Jackie

Joshua_JackieJoshua (age 12) and Jackie (age 10) are now safe and stable in the permanent guardianship of a relative. Jackie expresses a desire to be happy in life, and Joshua is a smart kid but tends not to show it. Each child is great with pets and able to connect with peers and teachers in their own special ways.  Both children struggle with problem solving and managing their anger appropriately.  

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Adrian & Cyrus

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATwo brothers, Adrian (18 months) and Cyrus (4 years old), were taken into foster care when their mother was arrested for involvement with drugs. Like many other children removed from their homes, Adrian and Cyrus’s path easily could have led to adoption. But their mother did not let that happen. She followed through on every requirement the court gave her. She successfully completed drug treatment and has remained drug free for the past year and a half. She recognized that it was critical to ask for help rather than struggle alone, and she reached out and found ongoing support from her parents, her counselor, and the DHS caseworker.

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Brian & Lily

Brian_LilyBrian was 11 and his sister Lily was 13 when they were taken into foster care. They were living with their mother in a house piled high with trash. They rarely attended school, and when they did they were filthy. Brian and Lily were not fed healthy food or taken to the doctor when they needed care.

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Abigail, Madison, Rachel & Gavin

FourKids (2)Five years ago, Alex became the CASA volunteer for three siblings: Abigail (age 7), Madison (age 5), and Rachel (age 1).  The children were removed from their mother’s care because she abuseddrugs and brought criminals into their home. Two years later, Alex took on advocacy for one more when the mother gave birth to little brother Gavin.

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Julia’s Story

teengirl2Julia, who had suffered from abuse at a young age, first met Christine when she was assigned to be Julia’s Court Appointed Special Advocate. Although Julia was in 5th grade, she was barely reading at a 2nd grade level.

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