Christina’s Story

Christina is a funny, energetic, confident and smart 5-year-old. After living since birth in the same foster home, she has joyously been adopted by her foster parents.

Christina’s CASA volunteer David struggled for two years to keep things moving toward this outcome. It was not easy. David was up against the Department of Human Services Child Welfare policy that foster parents cannot be considered for adoption if the child has available relatives. Christina’s relatives lived out of the country, and she had never met them. Christina was clearly thriving in her loving foster home: the only parents she had ever known. David knew it would not be in her best interest to move to another country with relatives she had never met.

The evaluation of these relatives as an adoptive resource dragged on and on. David kept asking questions, pushing the conversation up the chain of command when necessary and working to hold DHS accountable. He spoke several times in court in support of an exception to the policy.

Finally, the court cleared the way for adoption by her foster parents. Now Christina can continue to thrive in her “forever home” with her adoptive parents and several older siblings.

NOTE: Christina’s story is real, but her name and picture have been changed to protect her identity.