David’s Story

David lived in constant fear. Every boyfriend that entered his mother’s life was abusive and controlling.  Under great stress, David began to suffer mental health issues.  At age five, he entered foster care and was assigned to Susan, a CASA volunteer.  Susan took the initiative to ensure that “team” meetings were held regularly and included all the people essential to a successful outcome: David’s counselor, attorney, foster parents, and DHS case worker, as well as David’s mother and her counselor. 

Susan quickly became an integral part of the team.  Acting as a primary group connector, she built strong relationships with each member by checking in regularly to monitor the progress of David and his mother.  She evaluated what pieces were missing and shared her observations with the team.  Team members relied on Susan for her opinion.

David’s mother made great progress in counseling and domestic violence services, over time realizing David’s mental health issues were the result of her failure to protect him from violence.  She blossomed into astronger, more confident person.  David has gained strength by seeing his mother’s transformation. With counseling, David’s mental health problems have improved significantly.  He was recently returned home to his mother, in a much safer and healthier situation.

NOTE: David’s story is real, but his name and picture have been changed to protect his identity.