Julia’s Story

teengirl2Julia, who had suffered from abuse at a young age, first met Christine when she was assigned to be Julia’s Court Appointed Special Advocate. Although Julia was in 5th grade, she was barely reading at a 2nd grade level.

Julia had fallen behind in school as a result of learning disabilities and a vision problem. The school customized an individualized education plan (IEP) to address her learning disabilities.  Christine made certain to attend all of Julia’s IEP meetings at school.

Christine kept updated on Julia’s school progress, asked questions, made suggestions, and had the opportunity to push for extra resources for Julia. But Christine believed Julia needed more than what the school could provide. Christine contacted another CASA volunteer, Jan, who was a reading specialist. Jan began tutoring Julia in reading. Christine checked in regularly with Jan and monitored Julia’s progress.

Over the next two years, as Julia received tutoring from Jan, she showed significant progress.  She became a much stronger reader and started doing better in school. Julia was adopted by her maternal grandmother and her case was closed.

Julia has now graduated from high school and is planning on attending college to become a veterinarian’s assistant.

NOTE: Julia’s story is real, but her name and picture have been changed to protect her identity.