Meet Our New CASA Volunteers

Meet four of the fourteen new CASA volunteers from our fall 2013 training class. They will be sworn into service by the Juvenile Judge on December 19th and assigned to children from our waiting list. Thank you to these great volunteers for their service!

Duane Morgan

Duane MorganWhen Duane was seven, his parents died in an auto accident. He recalls his sense of helplessness as caring people made important decisions on his behalf without his input. He did not like being treated like he did not have a valid point of view. He feels that being a CASA volunteer will allow him to give voice to a child’s perspective, and when their expectations are unrealistic, to help them better accept the decisions that are made for their benefit. He thinks he can help young people see that in spite of the external events surrounding them, they still have control of one thing: themselves. Duane works as a Financial Advisor and his favorite hobby is fortune telling; telling people they have enough of a fortune to retire. He and his wife play Duplicate Bridge, and enjoy visits from their 29-year-old son and 25-year-old daughter. Duane says his children like listening to him shout out the questions to the Jeopardy answers.

Meg Hicks

Meg_HicksMeg was motivated to become a CASA volunteer when she was called as a witness in a child custody dispute, on behalf of the father, who was an incredible Dad and really stood up for his two-year-old son.  It made her think: what about all those children who don’t have parents who are willing to do anything necessary to keep them safe?  Who’s going to stand up for them? Meg has a small goat farm and makes cheese, is active in her church, and has a terrific extended family in Eugene.

Danny Yonkers

Daniel YonkersDanny spent his early days traveling the world with the Marine Corps, and dreamed of coming home and raising a family. He and his wife now have three children, ages 1, 7 and 15. Danny wants to make the world a better place, one child at a time.  He sees it as his duty to help the community and set an example of service. Danny works as a System Engineer for Symantec (a.k.a. computer nerd). He enjoys reading to his little one (even though he says Red Fish Blue Fish and The Foot Book are getting a little old after 100+readings) and taking his boys to their swim team practices and meets.

Lisa Adams

Adams_Lisa-3165Lisa is a physician in the community. Lisa says, “I wanted to become a CASA volunteer because I have seen that parents are often not able, or not willing, to advocate for their own children’s well-being.  Children are at a severe disadvantage when this happens.  They are young and thus not legally independent. Young children don’t have jobs or a car. They can’t just jump in the car to get out of a bad situation, or even just to go get some food. They are completely at the mercy of the people who are in charge of their care. When children are being hurt or neglected, they need a responsible adult to step in and find a way to keep them safe.” As a CASA volunteer, Lisa hopes to be an objective investigator, a creative problem-solver, and a courageous and passionate advocate.