The CASA Volunteer application, interviews and training are all part of our mutual screening process. The applicant review process is in-depth because the population served by our agency represents the most vulnerable in our community. CASA’s priority is to ensure effective advocacy for children. 

Volunteer applicants may be contacted should issues arise in the screening process. If there are concerns that can be specifically addressed, we will discuss these with you directly. If the concern cannot be satisfactorily resolved, we will let you know that we are unable to retain you as a volunteer. Unfortunately, we are not always able to share specifics regarding screening decisions with candidates.

If you come to believe that being a CASA volunteer is not a good fit for you, or you are not able to make the commitment required, you are free to withdraw from the application and training process at any time.

We recognize that our training could potentially trigger unresolved trauma, emotional and/or psychological issues. If you have unresolved issues that might influence your ability to maintain an open and neutral position in your advocacy for children, we would ask that you take this into consideration when you apply as a volunteer.

CASA of Lane County Screening Agreement Form